La poésie doit être faite par tous. Non par un. (Poetry should be made by all, not by one.)

Comte de Lautréamont, 1869

The Lost Acorns is an ongoing artistic research project exploring/(re)discovering the lost arts of the everyday. These may include short-term whimsical actions as well as long-term (ad)ventures.
Our projects (Acorns) are at times metaphorical and at other times practical. As such we are simultaneously hunter and gatherer, story-teller/listener, adventurer, finder/maker of things, witness and initiator, originator as well as explorer, generating puzzle pieces of a bigger story that evolves together with everyone and everything.
Our practice includes continuous exercises, open-ended reflections and self-contained works that evolve spontaneously in reaction to what was, is and might be.

Wonder, search, find.
Pause, reflect, act.