Lostarium 0027-0033

Wuhlheide, Berlin, Germany (xx/08/2013)

Foundlings: Seeds

Notes: We had to fight our way through the bushes, so I picked this seedling which reminded me of some magical castle, with all its little knurls and knots. Wuhlheide is a city forest of Berlin which is quite rare due to its proximity to the city. We had a look at a house that was to be sold by its owner. An old lady with their two horses would need to find a new home. I am happy we did not get it – where would she have found her new castle?

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Tervasaari Island, Helsinki, Finland (28/08/2013)

Foundlings: Feather of a seagull

Notes: Just nearby my uncles flat in the city district Katajanokka, 30 steps across a pedestrian bridge from the city centre and suddenly you’re again lost between sea and land. The leaves of the birch trees are torn by the gleaming sun, casting restless shadows on the gravel footpaths. Dog owners walk their pets in rounds, gasping in the relief of fresh air free of city noise and everyday routine. A gaze to the horizon, Berlin seems far. Yet, life goes on in both cities, in parallels.

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Café Sis Deli, Helsinki, Finland (31/09/2013)

Foundlings: stranger’s bill with wlan-code

Notes: Sis Deli. Sista delicious? Siis deli! Na lecker halt! Nope, I don’t drink protein smoothies, but I like to collect strangers’ shopping bills. And imagine what they did with what they purchased. Train their muscles?

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By the canal, Berlin, Germany (09/09/2013)

Foundlings: Glitter

Notes: Back to Berlin. A celebration and a feast for the senses. Glitter on the road, lost shoes, bike parts, abandonded sofas, beggers, families with their children, immigrants, hipsters, indigenous Berliners, tourists, students, dogs, pet bunnies, rats, swans, … A coffee with Cat from our favourite neighbouring café by the canal. Good to be back!

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By the canal, Berlin, Germany (08/10/2013)

Foundlings: maple leaf

Notes: Fall comes around. I forgot how beautiful German fall is. Shades of red – yellow – orange all around. Each culture seems to have their own rituals to deal with the trees changing colors for a month. Going for long walks and ignoring the rain is one way of doing it.

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Kottbusser Damm, Berlin, Germany (11/10/2013)

Foundlings: thrown-away paper with scribbles

Notes: Weil es für alles den Moment. Wasser mal weich. Früher war – und der war – nun ist. (On the way to the library.)

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bügelperlen tüte_smallbügelperlen_small

Alexandrinenstraße, Berlin, Germany (14/10/2013)

Foundlings: Ironing beads square

Notes: A walk back to our atelier. Not only leaves are turning colors on the ground. A purple square of ironing beads set out to make us stumble upon childhood memories.

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