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Around Kottbusser Damm, Berlin-Neukölln/Kreuzberg, Germany (14/03/2013)

Foundlings: flyer pieces

Notes: Waking up in my new place for the first time. The guys who used to live here before left all his stuff here. It feels like I broke into someone’s apartment, sneaking through and using his things. Thinking of Berlin’s long and up-and-down history, I wonder who else has lived here before. It’s an old building which has survived both world wars. On my way to satisfy coffee cravings (no kitchen utensils yet), I stumble upon a bookshop called Buchkönigin (Queen of books) in Hobrechtstreet – love at first sight.

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Landwehrkanal riverside, Berlin, Germany (17/03/2013)

Foundlings: empty pack of Smarties

Notes: First Berlin exploration by the channel, following its water stream embedded by quarters, cafés, streets, highways, high-rise buildings; crossed here and there by bridges and iron transport pipes for water from elsewhere, reminding of steampunk-drawings and frozen snakes. Just after the metro station Hallesches Tor; the ground is scattered with bits of paper, trash reminiscences. An empty box of Smarties. When I was a kid, I used to collect them. The picture on the back is part of a bigger puzzle, for which to complete one would have to eat lots of them. I guess every child starts out as a collector…

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Heinrich-Heine-Street, Berlin-Mitte, Germany (17/03/2013)

Foundlings: broken glass of a beer bottle

Notes: Golden ‘stumbling stones’ (Stolpersteine) are spread all over the city’s pavements. They commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. I stand in front of a building block, looking at a group of stones with the victims’ names engraved into them. Next to them, broken glass of a beer bottle. The label fragment reads “Ort würzig” – location, spicy. Memories of good and bad times come together in silence.

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Südkreuz S-Bahn Station, Berlin  (13/04/2013)

Foundlings: shopping list for IKEA

Notes: On my way to the furniture house, I realize I forgot my shopping list but find a stranger’s one instead. A flower pot (called Pekannöt), bed sheets sized 140 x 200 and 180 x 200, maybe a flower, brown curtains (called Samla), a carpet (called Adum), and Lack – the infamous book shelf. No color definition. All I can think of is a sculpture made from all these objects…

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Max Liebermann Villa, Berlin-Wannsee, Germany (01/05/2013)

Foundlings: new birch leaves

Notes: Currently working at the Max-Liebermann-Villa at the shores of Wannsee. One of the most beautiful bits of the garden is the walkway to the beach – a straight line intercepted by randomly grown birch trees – hundreds of vivid greens, so much light.

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Ziegenwerder Island, Frankfurt/Oder, the border between Germany and Poland  (12/05/2013)

Foundlings: partly burned accounting sheets leftovers, used to make a fire

Notes: Visited the Kleist-Museum to document the Sherlock‘s Uncle” exhibition about Dr. Gross (father & son). Also walked through a strangely empty town to the close-by Ziegenwerder Island in the middle of river Oder. Hardly a human was in sight, just some traces on the ground – trash mostly – and a few elderly people in wheel chairs that were trying to escape the quickly approaching thunderstorm.

by Kuebel/Moebus (22/06/2013).