41.5 hrs Leeds

How much can you do in 41.5 hrs? 41.5 hours of Leeds. A visit spanning less than 2 days. Are 41.5 hrs different to a stranger than to a local? How do you perceive the place you walk through?

We didn’t know anything about this place. We decided not to refer to a map. Two days of drifting, 9 stops at random places along our way.

In retrospective, we created a map of 41.5 hrs Leeds. 9 marked locations that we visited during our stay (in chronological order): the club, the cinema, the restaurant, the school, the Ferris wheel, the visitor centre, the gallery, the café, the supermarket. We sent 18 postcards in pairs to those 9 addresses, of which one goes to the corresponding recipients and the other to our residency hosts Conway + Young. We asked them both to retrace our footsteps by picking up their envelopes and possibly experience Leeds from different simultaneous perspectives.

We are waiting full of curiosity for answers from the unknown recipients who hosted us unknowingly for short periods of time.

01_club_card     01_club_t_grau
Postcards Club

02_cinema_card     02_cinema_t_grau
Postcards Cinema

Leeds Postcards_colors_web_615
9 postcards to the locations

Postcard Poems_web_615
9 postcards for Conway + Young

Ready to be sent

Making of


by Kuebel/Moebus (07/05/2013).