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Temporality, localizing, locations, space, memory, remembrance
On-going, generations, story-telling, time witnesses
Libraries, explanations of the world around us
Interconnectedness, networks, chance, randomness, unplanned
Diary, journal, logbook, roadmap

to collect 7,000

See also: Stadtverwaldung statt Stadtverwaltung (german)

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Westbourne Park Road, London, UK (28/02/13)

Foundlings: First signs of spring – cherry blossoms, ivy, flowers from a thorn bush
Notes: Finding first spring flowers on our way to the Idler Academy Bookstore that Jen recommended to pay a visit to when we were hiking in the snowy Harz Mountains. Collecting flowers fitted the mood of being idle on the first day of our journey – especially after weeks of grey coldness of a long Berlin winter.

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Castle Beach, Tenby, UK (02/03/13)

Foundlings: Human-crafted remnants – porcelain, rust
Notes: Adapting our steps to the rythm of the waves washing up the shore (the receding tide is leaving tree patterns behind, carved into the wet sand). The things that stand out are made by human hands. Behaving like little bits of nature – a piece of tile, almost like a shell – white and bright blue. Two flakes of rust from a pole on St. Catherine’s – iron bark, almost like a tree’s skin.



Pembrokeshire Coast Path (Llwybr Arfordir Sir Benfro) between Tenby & Saundersfoot, UK (03/03/13)

Foundlings: Looking for things posing as acorns – ivy berries, fruit from a pine
Notes: Drawn to the sea that sets out to meet the cliffs every day we stumble across and over enchanted paths of interwoven greenery. The movies are neither lying nor photoshopped. And like google tried to convince us before take-off in Berlin: the paths are indeed marked with an acorn symbol – turned upward, white on black.


Pembrokeshire Coast Path (Llwybr Arfordir Sir Benfro) between Tenby & Saundersfoot, UK (03/03/13)

Foundlings: Landscape changes – sheep wool
Notes: Is this landscape shaped by the anthropocene? A token of impact – bits of a sheep’s pelt caught in barbwire.


0005/7000 – 7000/7000, ongoing…


Making of collectors’ bags for the acorn library:

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makingofbags_03small makingofbags_04small

by Kuebel/Moebus (13/03/13).